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Election of Directors 


There are two primary owners' associations at the Pono Kai, the PKIOA and the AOAO. 


The PKIOA (Pono Kai Interval Owners Association) consists of interval (timeshare) owners. 


PKIOA owners have one vote for each open PKIOA Board position - that is, if there are three open Board positions, you have three votes for each week that you own.


The AOAO (Association of Apartment Owners) is more complicated.  It consists of all the whole owners (those folks who own a whole condo unit, not just timeshare weeks), as well as the underlying associations, like the PKIOA. 


Each whole owner has one vote for each unit that he owns, for

each open position.


Each timeshare unit has 51 owners but only one vote to cast.  Here's how that works:

For any timeshare unit (let's use B-108 as an example), a majority, or 26 votes, must be properly submitted for B-108 owners to have a vote in the AOAO election. 

If a majority of B-108 owners don't vote, the PKIOA Board gets to cast the vote for that unit.

To date, there has never been a majority of interval votes from one unit cast in any election.  


The PKIOA Board has consisitently voted all of the interval unit votes for the AOAO incumbents.  In effect, the PKIOA Board elects the AOAO Board.